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How to use our quadratic equation solver

Our smart quadratic equation calculator is versatile tool suitable for both students and working professionals. In just a few clicks, you can get an accurate solution for any quadratic eqution. Whether you need to solve an eqution with a complex or real root, we can provide you with an instant and precise answer.
You can use our quadratic formula solver in just a few steps:
  1. Enter your values for the variables a, b, and c in decimals, including fractional integers.
2. Hit the "calculate" button to find the missing decimal.
Plus, you can rewrite your values as many times as you like.
How does our quadratic equation solver work? Let's get started by identifying what a quadratic equation is. In algebra, it is a second-order polynomial equation that has the following visual expression: ax2 + bx + c = 0, where a cannot equal zeros.
Here, the x is unknown, a is a quadratic coefficient, b is a linear coefficient, and c is the constant.
Our seamless quadratic equation solver uses a quadratic formula to resolve this problem:
x=(-b ± √b2-4ac)/2a
The derivation of this formula has many functions, including completing a square. The quadratics formula also has numerous applications in real life, such as finding out speed, calculating areas, etc.
Simplify your calculations with our quadtratic equation solver!

Frequently asked questions

How to find the roots of a quadratic equation?

In order to calculate the roots for a quadratic equation, you need to use the formula
x=(-b ± √b2-4ac)/2a
where the x value is the root. Evaluating the discriminant of the equation helps understand how many roots the model has. Once you evaluate the discriminant, proceed with calculations.

What are the common errors of students using quadratic formula?

The most common mistake of students dealing with a quadratic formula occurs when simplifying under the square root. Many learners confuse + and - signs, using one instead of the other. Make a rational decision and avoid computational errors by using our calculator.

Can every quadratic equation be solved by factoring?

No, not every quartic equation can be solved by factoring. For example, the equation
x2 + x - 1 = 0
can't be resolved by factoring. So, we recommend using quadratic formula to solve equations or choosing our smart equation converter. Just say a word to us, and we'll create accurate results momentarily.