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First things first, let's find out what a random number is. As the name suggests, a random number is chosen from a pool of numbers, limited or unlimited, without any discoverable or predictable pattern. In almost all of the cases, the numbers in a pool are independent from each other.
When you need to generate random number, you can use one of these two methods:
  1. A hardware-based generator, which uses a physical object to pick a random number. For example, flipping a coin or rolling a dice. Also called true random number generators, they are based on physical phenomena, like atmospheric blips or thermal noise.
  2. A pseudo-random number generator, which relies on software to produce a randomized number. An algorithm generates a sequence of numbers to produce a random integer. However, since the program may have an accidental bias, the results are not 100% random.
Our smart tool is a pseudo-random generator that deals with independent numbers that are evenly spread across the range of possible values. It can create one or many numbers within your customized range.
Our random numbers generator is a multipurpose tool designed to simplify the generation of random decimals or integers. Don't spend hours trying to pick a random number for your pin code, raffle winner, or anything other purpose. Our generator will do it for you in mere seconds. Besides, our handy tool won't cost you a dime, saving tons of time at the same time.
We offer two free tools that help you generate a random number without the extra hassle:
  1. A classic calculator generator that creates random integers. It generates random numbers within your customized range up to thousands of digits.
  2. A comprehensive tool that includes both integer and decimal number generators. It can create one of multiple random numbers and deals with larger values with high precision.
You can take advantage of our handy tool in just a few steps:
  1. Customize your lower and upper limits.
  2. Choose how many numbers you want to generate
  3. Pick your type of result
  4. Enter your preferred precision
  5. Click "generate"
That's it! Generate random numbers for your pin code, create numbers for lottery tickets, or just randomly choose one number from your set scope.